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Advance Wave Partners

We have gone far beyond the “information economy.”

Historians haven’t yet come up with a name for this world. Commerce is alive and well, but operates with new dynamics:

  • Frictionless transactions originate from and ship to anywhere—and more and more offerings are distributed digitally.
  • Information-rich buyers don’t rely on sellers for knowledge or even expertise.
  • Persuasion is doomed as an accelerant of transactions, replaced by strategy, track record, and skillful narration of concrete evidence.
  • Both buyers and sellers seek fewer, stronger relationships built on shared interests.
  • Accordingly, leading buyers and sellers are distinguished by what they stand for as well as what they buy or sell.

At Advance Wave Partners, we see a new world of commerce emerging, one where leadership comes from creativity, authenticity, and effectiveness. Advance Wave targets innovations that create powerful new connections between buyers and sellers.


How We Work

Advance Wave typically works with proven teams of emerging or mid-tier companies that are already successful in order to help them drive their businesses to the next level. We work with leadership teams and boards of directors to define and realize the next level of achievement.

We roll up our sleeves to help with both strategy and tactics. Our participation might involve initial consulting until the desired future is clear. We can then work with a select network of individuals and family offices to provide targeted investments. We can also work with venture or private equity to create a combination of capital and acumen best suited to reaching the next level.

Company Revenue: Minimum $2 million
Stage: Early or Growth
Minimum Investment: $1 million
Maximum Investment: $5 million
Primary Use of Funds: Seed, Growth, Recapitalizations
Societal Benefit Criteria: Advance Wave Partners looks for passionate and effective teams that are determined to improve the very nature of the industries they serve



  • Michael Potts

    Managing Partner

    A seasoned CEO and board member, Michael helps business leaders forge and realize an aggressive vision of the future.

    Before founding Advance Wave, Michael was CEO and president of Rocky Mountain Institute, a Colorado-based “think-and-do tank” dedicated to speed our shift to a new energy economy. During Michael’s 6 years, RMI grew dramatically in staff and resources and published Reinventing Fire, Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era.

    Previously, Michael led American Fundware, a Denver-based software company, that tripled in revenue during his tenure as CEO, until it was acquired by Intuit. Before that, at Recognition International, BancTec, and IBM he managed business units and subsidiaries of large public companies, in the U.S. and abroad, in distributed computing and document image processing.

    Michael is currently writing a book about the intersection of purpose and performance in work, and serves on the boards of Deke Digital, Propel Insurance and Crestone Capital Advisors.

  • Steve Dove

    Operating Partner

    Steve has built a 20+ year career providing financial and administrative leadership as part of senior management teams, and as an operational consultant for private equity. Steve has extensive experience overseeing financial operations, information technology, human resources and general management.

    Most recently, Steve was an operations consultant for Cerberus Capital Management, performing due diligence and operating guidance for their technology portfolio. Before that, he served as CFO for five technology holdings of Gores Technologies. Steve also worked with Michael Potts at American Fundware.

    Steve is a CPA with an MBA from the American University in Washington DC. He also owns and manages real estate holdings in Colorado mountain communities.

  • Carrie Sullivan

    Administration Manager

    With over 20 years of administrative experience working in non-profit and educational settings, Carrie brings organizational expertise, a hunger for learning and an enthusiastic desire to use her skills to participate in the success of Advance Wave.

    Carrie served as Executive Assistant to Michael Potts at the Rocky Mountain Institute. Previously, she was EA to the CEO of the Colorado Symphony, and was also Office Manager for Bonfils Blood Center Foundation.


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